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With this 2.5 months program give your business the edge of neuroscience. Just marketing isn't enough. In the midst of millions of entrepreneurs the competition is intense. Join this program to learn the new age marketing strategies and understand the customers in your industry.

With ordinary marketing programs, you may get 30% to 40% growth but with neuromarketing you can generate 300% to a 1000% growth. These are not fictitious numbers. Our participants have achieved such geometric growth within a short period of time. But of course results will vary from person to person and industry to industry.


  • Get a thorough understanding of Neuromarketing

  • Receive a thorough blueprint of marketing tools and strategies

  • Align your business as per neuromarketing technology and data

  • Get 300% to 1000% returns

  • Get one month of complimentary one to one mentoring worth ₹140,000

  • A guide book to improve your mindset "Incredible Life" worth ₹550 for free


Sales mastery + Funnel is a 3.2 months program and is a one of a kind in the world. Here you will learn all the tricks of trade that has made businesses millions in an ethical way. Learn how you can train yourself and your team to outperform their competitors.

  • Get a thorough sales blueprint for your business

  • Two detailed and highly custom designed sales funnel worth ₹5,59,000 included in this program

  • Five highly powerful sales script for your business that can generate ₹1crore business

  • Two months of sales training and coaching for you and your entire team

  • Client acquisition and management techniques

  • Conversion, retention, and upselling

  • Ten referral generating systems that will blow up your database

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Get the world's most powerful and guaranteed results driven accelerator program in the world. This six months program is designed to not only get your idea to the market but test it, sustain it, and grow it internationally. This program comes with a guarantee.

  • Get world's most successful coaches, trainers, consultants, and entrepreneurs to guide you

  • You will get the Neuromarketing and Sales Mastery Program with Funnels along with business optimization + operation excellence + financial management + entrepreneurship for free

  • Mindset training and healthy habits of successful entrepreneurs

  • Blueprints to run a successful business

  • 4 months of business mentoring and coaching for exponential results

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Better than your PGDM and MBA, this one year Entrepreneurship program will not only teach you concepts of business but will actually launch your idea into a real life business and people with businesses will get to learn from the real top notch experts who have started their business from zero revenue and taken to multi million level. You will not learn from professors. THIS IS BETTER THAN ANY MBA or ANY ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAM ON THIS PLANET. This is our GUARANTEE!!!

  • Save lakhs of rupees on your MBA and PGDM courses and then struggling for a job and starting a business

  • You will get one year of live coaching and mentoring specifically for the needs and requirements of your business

  • 85% practical and 15% theory

  • Get support from ideas to implementation

  • Learn from the real life multi-millionaires who have build their wealth from scratch

  • You will learn life lessons from the real world Alphas who are taking over the world market with their vision, effort, and strategies.

  • Get to meet Venture Capitals and Angel Investors to learn from their expertise - from failures and success stories

  • Get your business funded

  • You may opt for choosing a path to list your business publicly where we will plan and prepare your business with all the technicalities and resources it needs to get there

  • **15 days of immersion training to Dubai or Singapore for international business exposure and networking with highly successful entrepreneurs and investors**

  • Get access to our ultra wealthy and mega leaders community to learn from and network with them


Dave, USA - 300% Accretion

Swarnajeet's strategies are highly powerful and unconventional. I would only say, trust this guy and watch your business skyrocket.

Max, Singapore - He is charismatic

From $150,000 to a $900,000 in a year is just phenomenal. He is truly your trusted advisor. Swarnajeet = Success Coaching

Cilena, Australia - Solid as a rock

SwarnajeeT has been outstanding in supporting me in my journey to grow and thrive. Love his work. He has helped me transform my business and many lives with it.

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